The Usual Blah-Blah's and Yada-Yada's

Friday, July 29, 2005


I finally got me a blog. I am not a very regular kind of person and I won't be suprised if this doesn't last too long, mainly cause I would forget to come here and post something but I have too much on my mind these days and I really need to jot it down somewhere.

Hmm well I have two more days off now, thanx to the unprecedented rain that shook the city. At first, I must admit, I was too damn excited, thanx to the water that logged in my building compund. Even with a flu, I put on my rain-coat and drenched myself silly in the rains, but the aftermath has just left me numb. 400+ people have died in the city alone and about thousands of animals(buffaloes and sheep mostly). Some drowned, some electrocuted but the most appalling instance is that of people who had their lives snuffed out(mainly due to suffocation) when they chose to stay in their vehicals, as opposed to navigating in neck-deep waters.
Damn the nature's fury you think? Damn the bombers who bombed London, Baghdad and Kashmir. It's the same fucking story everywhere. With the number of innocent people who die everyday in the world, going up day-by-day, due to natural, consequential or man-made reasons, haven't you lost count yet?